• Save Gowanus Ballroom

    Gowanus’s well known performance venue, Gowanus Ballroom, got completely trashed by hurricane Sandy. The photos of the venues destruction have made us extremely sad not only the owners, but also for the artist that have used the space to create some of the coolest shows ever in the history of ever!

    The space in in dire need and you know who can help, You!

    Yes, YOU!

    You can totally help save one of the coolest artists meccas ever!

    For only $15 bucks the Gowanus Ballroom will be offering a badass lineup of artists, musicians, and performer this Saturday, November 24th, 6pm!

    7:00pm –  Sweet Soubrette
    8:00pm –  Amanita Nita

    9:00pm –  ON
    10:00pm –  Shayfer James and Sara Zar
    11:00pm –  Will McEvoy
    12:00am –  Apocalypse Five and Dime
    1:00am –  Pendulum Swings
    1:45am –  Matthew Silver, the Great Performer
    2:00am –  Consumata
    3:00am –  Morgan O’Kane
    with  Flambeaux Fire throughout the evening!

    More details from Gowanus Ballroom:

    Due to ongoing clean-up, we are combining the Save Gowanus Ballroom Fundraiser with  FlutuArte NY!   Both will now take place on Saturday, November 24th, 6pm. Donations of $15 per-person admission will support the Gowanus Ballroom and FlutuArte.   We will also be accepting donations of canned goods, clothing and other emergency necessities for those suffering in the wake of hurricane Sandy.
  • Translator Audio / The South Sound Studios Now Accepting Donations for Sandy Relief

    A couple of weeks ago we reported that Translator Audio Studios in Gowanus — owned by producer Andrew Schneider (Cave In, Made out of Babies, Converge, Keelhaul, etc) and Candiria’s John LaMacchia —  was destroyed when Hurricane Sandy’s floodwaters broached the banks of the nearby Gowanus Canal. The loss was complete, as 100% of the gear that Schneider had collected for the past two decades was destroyed.

    A little bit of good news: Translator Audio and its partners The South Sound and Civil Defense Studios have begun accepting donations to help the studios get back on their feet. Those wishing to contribute to the relief effort can do so here.

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  • No Laboring on What to Do on Labor Day

    So Labor Day’s coming up… you know that holiday that’s all about the people opposite of the Wall Street Fat Cats that run this world. You know, that holiday where we

    celebrate the economic and social contributions of workers”


    That’s us workers! and we totally have a holiday! Awesome!

    It’s actually kind of a lame holiday though. It’s almost like July 4th, but not as Red, White, and Blue… and there are fireworks, but not as much… and there’s a parade, but it’s kind of small. Maybe we aren’t doing a good job of describing it. It’s pretty much a normal weekend day, but on a Monday in September. It’s nice! You sleep in, you do a little shopping… you know the boring stuff.

    But it doesn’t have to be boring!!! It can be the greatest holiday ever! You just have to find the right thing to do.

    Might we suggest a crazy extravaganza in Sunset Park with the peeps over at Brooklyn Garage and Industry City Distillery !

    What’s that you ask?: ‘What sort of extravaganza could keep you away from the lame boring stuff you were planning on doing on Labor Day? ‘

    Well think:  

    BBQ, Bands, and Booze! 

    The three things that those of us that laborers deserve everyday of our lives. We work hard and deserve some R & R labor style!

    The events a “Lot Party”, so you know it’s going to be kah-razy! On the list of happening they have ice cream trucks, outdoor games, nice people (it’s Sunset park, of course there’s nice people), Cocktails by the guys from Lucey’s Lounge; food by Chef TIM TROMBLEY…plus all these bands:

    Zach Williams and the Bellow
    Gasoline Heart  (Solo performance)
    Aaron Livingston
    Nathan Xander
    Brilliant, My Boy
    + more

     and here’s what’s the best part… the tickets are $15 bucks if you buy before August 26th! $25 day of, which is still amazing because of all the shenanigans that will be going on.

    When is it?

    Labor Day, September 3rd, duh! 4p – “End”

    Get your pre-sale tickets here... right now… be impulsive… do it!

    Find out more details at Labor Day Lot Party

    see you there!

    Bonus Your Face Off

    Details on Industry City Distillery…

  • Lightouts – The Big Picture

    Lightouts, the Gowanus based pop rock duo, have put out a new singles disk. The disk includes: The Big Picture, Stray Boy, and Push (The Cure Cover). The Big Picture has climbed to #12 on We Are Hunted an emerging music artist website. With this release the boys are continuing to create a fresh poppy sound with solid guitar riffs. Of course they are still keeping with their obsession/love of the Cure as seen with their Push cover. check out the new song below:

    Hear more and learn more about the band here.

    Also, read a bitchen interview with the boys here.

  • New Video from Grammy Nominated Gowanus Living Director

    Eric Epstein‘s having a bad year. By bad we mean really good! Eric, who we interviewed in 2011,  started off  his year with a grammy nomination in a category with Radiohead, Weird Ale, Ok Go, Skrillex, and Adel (who won every single award this year) for his video for Memory Tape‘s song “Yes I know”. Since then he’s been popping around the country a guest of film festivals who are showing this nominated video. Somehow (and we have no idea how) during his to and fro out of town Eric has managed to put out another bitchen video that shows just a animated-tastic he is. His latest work is for Hilary Hahn & Hauschka‘s song “Draw a Map”. Check it out.


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