• Hang Over Trips w/ Jack

    Hap… hap…. Happy (*berp!) New Year! Congratulations on boozing your way out of 2013. If your like us, you’ve just discovered that you can’t drink like a 21 year old anymore, and thus the first few days of the New Year are going to be seen through squity eyes and heard through pounding headaches! Yeah!

    But, not to worry… Jack Gordon, of Gowanus’s Triomph Fitness, is going to walk you through the hells of your hangover with a few tips and tricks!

    Here it is, your Surviving New Year’s Eve Hangovers presented by Upwave:






  • Damage to the Coignet Building?

    Today marks the official opening of the Whole Foods in Brooklyn. Some are saying the new store  ”Symbolizes Area’s Redevelopment”, while others are calling its the ‘end of Gowanus’. Either way the store is up and opening.

    One of the main concerns of having a mega store being built on the Whole Foods lot at 3rd Ave and 3rd Street has been whether or not the landmarked Coignet Stone Company Building right on the corner is adequately protected. One of the rules giving to Whole Foods is that they have to preserve and repair the building. Clearly the repair part of the agreement was/is not slated till after the store has opened. We can understand that a focus by a big company might be on launching their new place and not the complex repair of an old, somewhat forgotten building.


    Last night we received a tip from a GYFO reader indicating that some of the facade of the building had fallen off! They say:

    …a big part of the side of the staircase has crumbled overnight. It was not this way yesterday…and that whole front piece is missing.


    In the picture they sent in the concrete that wrapped around the front part of the staircase is just simply gone.


    top image sent in by L. Mariano taken by Martin Bisi


    -We went by and took another photo to clarify the damage. -

    More concerning is that according to the tipster the missing pieces are nowhere to be found and that they believe this most likely happened…

    cause the staircase was behind fencing through yesterday, and it was removed sloppily

    We wondered over after the sun came up and found tones of items lying right next to the Coignet Stone Company Building. Some of these items looked to be hastily placed (thrown) within the footprint of the history structure.


    ~derp! This looks like a great place to throw some wood. Who give a rats ass about hurting the side of the building or the old fencing. (not a real quote)

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  • Ted x Gowanus!

    Hang onto your nerd hats Gowanus peeps, it’s about to go all Ted Talks in Brooklyn’s Superfunest area!

    Ted, the global spreader of ideas via epic presentations, is coming to Gowanus January 26th, 2014 at The Green Building and 501 Union.

    According to the website the theme seems to be “Inspiring Community”, which is clearly Gowanus! (Suck it everywhere else!)

    TEDxGowanus is an event featuring TED-style talks inspired by the unique ideas, stories and arts that have incubated in or are related to the Gowanus area.  This event will involve a cross section of attendees and speakers, from original Gowanus residents and business owners to recent entrepreneurs, developers, and thinkers. The TEDxGowanus agenda will include a full spectrum of topics: from performances and presentations by local artists to stories and ideas that explore the neighborhood’s history, industry, ecology, and evolution.  During breaks, attendees will have the opportunity to interact with an exhibit area featuring displays and booths by local businesses, speakers’ projects, and artists of Gowanus.

    So, it’s like an epic nerd lecture Gowanustastic mix!


    Speakers so far include:

    Ate Atema – (who did this great talk already about bitches street creeks, which we assume he will talk more about at this event). He is the Managing Principal of Atema Architecture, ‘an award-winning New York-based architectural practice, and Flow Collaborative, an international team he formed to work on large-scale projects integrating architecture, ecology and infrastructure.’

    Eymund Diegel – (aka Professor Gowanus) ‘is the chair of Public Laboratory, a fun citizen science group partnered with the Gowanus Canal Conservancy’s Grassroots Aerial Photography program, where local citizen’s Eymund Diegel is the chair of Public Laboratory, a fun citizen science group partnered with the Gowanus Canal Conservancy’s Grassroots Aerial Photography program, where local citizen’s insights help improve Google Earth and City mapping of our neighborhood. As a Gowanus resident, he also helps out at the Hall of the Gowanus, a community historic research resource. ‘

    Andrew Gustafson - a geographer, historical researcher, and New York City tour guide. He develops and leads tours for the Brooklyn-based company Turnstile Tours, and his projects have included the research and development of tours at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and the Brooklyn Army Terminal, as well as about Brooklyn’s rich baseball history.

    Hans Hesselein – (aka the Green Planter) Hans joined the Gowanus Canal Conservancy as the Director of Special Projects in December, 2010 and was asked to serve as Executive Director in 2013. Throughout his time at the Conservancy, Hans has been responsible for developing and managing green infrastructure projects, watershed planning initiatives and volunteer stewardship programs. Hans comes to the Conservancy with a strong background in horticulture, construction technology, community engagement and landscape architecture.

    Plus a whole lot more see here!

    *code names from GYFO; speaker details from TedxGowanus website

    Grab your tickets early for $25 bucks today here

    Shout out to both the Team over at TedxGowanus for setting this bad boy up. Special big luv to Sean Gannet who’s organizing stuff and Joseph Alexiou (Gowanus history buff) who’s co-curating.

  • Terms and Conditions

    We’ve all done it. Clicked yes to terms and conditions without fully reading them. It’s a naughty dangers habit. Why? if you have to ask then you are already in a lot of trouble.

    re-discovered here.

  • Every moment with your new phone or new computer

    We luv technology! … cause its just like magic and helps us with our daily lives. Except, that technology isn’t like magic at all and sometimes (WAY MORE THAN WE WOULD EVER LIKE), technology totally craps out on us or confuses us for no good reason (looking at you iphone OS update!). This super cut expresses how ‘we’re’ gonna have to fix technology, even in the futue…

  • EPA Finalizes Cleanup Plan for Gowanus Canal


    The EPA has finally gotten to the end of a very very very long road. They have dotted the T’s and crossed the i’s… wait the other way around… the plan that is meant to clean up the stinky bog of eternal stench, better known as the Gowanus Canal.


    -the middle and upper part of the Gowanus Canal will be dredged…”approximately 307,000 cubic yards of highly contaminated sediment” and will be given some new ‘clean’ sand

    -the mouth / lower part of the Canal will be dredged… “approximately 280,000 cubic yards of contaminated sediment and capping of the area with active, isolation and armor layers and a layer of sand to help restore habitat”

    -the EPA will ask the City to kindly not dump solids into the Canal… “plan requires controls to significantly reduce the flow of contaminated sewage solids from combined sewer overflows into the upper canal”… currently not in any work or plan from the City of New York. (Wonder why its just reducing of solid sewage and an all out ban on dumping raw sewage into the Canal)

    -polluted site along the Canal are being “ddressed by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, in coordination with the EPA”. (Wonder what “addressed” means?)

    Check out the full details here.

  • Just Put It On The Glass – Window Socket

     There’s this massive huge source of energy in the Solar System called the sun and we are just now figuring this out…

    Kyuho Song & Boa Oh have come up with one of the most brilliantly designed items with something called the Window Socket.

    window_socket3It works like this: find a window, put the device on window, plug whatever it is you need to plug in, and call your power company and tell them to suck it!

    Okay, not exactly, like that, but more like how these diagrams show:

    window_socket4 Window-Socket-Solar-powered-Outlet-2Sadly, there is no details on where to buy this magical device at this time.

    See more cool things from the designers at: YankoDesign.com




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