• Destruction of Gowanus

    it got bad… real bad…

    Starting Monday morning hurricane Sandy began pushing the polluted waters of the superfunded Gowanus Canal higher and higher. The Canal frist breached its banks near the Carroll Street Bridge during the morning high tide. The Canal’s water crept up into the area known as Gowanus Grove where Gowanus Girls just had their design fair and the future home of Lightstone Groups 700 unit 12 story luxury condos. The space had at least a foot or two of water by the time morning high tide ended. The water also flooded the Carroll Gardens side of the Canal at 1st Street, 2nd Street, and the bus parking lot 75 feet from the Carroll Street bridge. This would be minor compared to what was to come.

    Gowanus rising from Wicked Delicate Films on Vimeo.

    Most of MonDay was spent hiding from the wind, which bounded on old buildings and rattled windows as well as residents as hurricane Sandy began to make her way across New York City. All in all very little rain and no more than normal flooding was reported as the sun moved across the sky in the afternoon. As evening approached, even with public officials shouting the impending dangers, many felt like the worst was over, that the weather had once again spared Gowanus, Brooklyn, and New York City. But as the sun set the water of the Gowanus Canal began to rise again as it did all over NYC.

    The polluted waterway again breached its banks near Carroll Street Bridge, than areas near the Whole Food site at 3rd and 3rd, and up the banks where 2nd Avenue hits the Canal. Still many thought that the water would simply stop as it always had at the underbelly of all the Canal’s bridges. The water did not stop though… it began to overflow onto Carroll Street, up and over areas near 3rd Street, onto 2nd Avenue, and into parking lots near the 9th Street bridge. The water came up through street drains all over South Brooklyn, rising quickly to the surprise of many long term residents. The water filled basements and then filled the first floor of residents near the Canal. Its putride smell that, many joke about, was no laughing matter. The scent of gas, oil, and human waste filled the air as flooding became a serious danger to anyone close to the Canal. Most, if not all of Zone A was flooded. The water even crept up into Zone B by way of Nevins, Bond, and 2nd Avenue.

    Many unbelievable sites from last night’s flooding…

    Overflowing Gowanus from Barbara Kaminsky on Vimeo.


    The Canal’s pollution was not the only issue as fires began to start all over the place. A very large fire was reported on 2nd Avenue at a cardboard recycling center, which could be seen glowing from higher ground in Park Slope…

    posted by @taliator on twitter

    A fire was reported (not confirmed) destroying cars in a parking lot of Nevins Street.

    Residential fires were reported at Bond & Butler and a car/RV was seen on fire at Bond & President St.

    photo by @adamjscher on twitter

    As the day breaks more destruction is sure to be found.


    If you have any Gowanus or South Brooklyn photos please send to: [email protected]

  • Stick a tree up your friends backyard

    Our friends with backyards think their so special. “Look at me”, they say “I’m having a summer BBQ cause my apartments way awesomer than yours.” Then you go to said summer BBQ cause you don’t have a backyard and your socially required to…
    But when you get there you find that the stupid umbrella padio furniture that your friends have only shades four people. And your not going to be one of those four cause you’r late or not one of their special friends with a baby.(urgh Babies…taking our shade!) So, your stuck baking like bacon in the summer sun getting a sunburn that your doctor will say is the worst sunburn ever! This is all because your friends will buy tomatoes plants to grow, but fail to get plants that will grow tall enough to protect you and other non-baby having folk from the sun during backyard events!
    Now its winter and your safe from summer BBQs. But for the sake of your skin you gotta think ahead. You gotta get your stupid backyard summer BBQ having friends a tree that you can get shade from during their events.
    But where does one find a tree? The bodega surely doesn’t sell them and neither does the CSA your apart of. What the tree?
    Don’t worry the Gowanus Canal Conservancy totally has trees and their freaking giving them away this Sunday!!!
    Think about it, you’ll be a hero to everyone, especially the other sunburnt non-baby people!
    Take your backyard friends over to the Salt Lot by the Canal thus Sunday and make them get a tree! (Trees may take more than a summer or longer to get to shading height).


    [Gowanus Canal Conservancy] is teaming up with MilliontreesNYCNew York Restoration Project and BuildItGreen!NYC to bring NYC residents more trees for their homes and yard. We will be giving away 150 free trees at the Salt Lot during our Clean & Green Volunteer Day. Tree adopters will be able to choose their trees online and pick them up the day of the event anytime between 11:00am and 1:00pm. 

    This Clean & Green will bring volunteers back to the Salt Lot again to help out with the tree giveaway, building a new compost windrow, and planting a new rain garden that will help to absorb and filter stormwater runnoff. Come on over for a great day of community and outdoor activities!

    Make sure to wear close-toed shoes and sunscreen, and bring plenty of water!  To RSVP, e-mail [them] at 

    Time: 11am – 3pm    Location: The Salt Lot (2 Second Ave)

  • Makerbot’s Replicator 2 Makes Cityscapes

    Does anyone have $2200 bucks we can borrow? We want to buy this Replicator 2 from Makerbot, so we can destroy miniature cities in the comfort of our own homes….

    One day we will smash something like the cityscape below in our Gowanus apartment and will hence forth be known as Gowanus Godzilla! Rahhhhrrrrh!!!

    discovered via

  • Gowanus CAG meetings in October

    • Oct. 16: Water Quality/Technical Committee (re-scheduled from Oct. 9). Agenda TBD.
    • Oct. 23: Monthly General CAG meeting. Agenda: 1) Agency updates; 2) CAG charter and membership; 3) committee updates.
    • Oct. 29: Special CAG meeting with NYS DEC Officials: James Tierney, Asst. Commissioner for Water; Robert Schick, Division Director for Environmental Remediation; Venetia Lannon, Director, DEC Region 2; and Gary Kline, Chief, New York City Municipal Compliance Section, Bureau of Water Compliance.

    Real Estate Committee and Archaeology committee meetings to be scheduled.

    Please note that unless circumstances dictate otherwise, all CAG general meetings are on the 4th Tuesday of the month and all WQ/Technical Committee meetings are on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Other committee meetings are on an as-needed basis, for the time being.

    All meetings begin at 6:30 pm and are open to the public. Locations to be announced.


  • Proposal for Intrepid’s new Air & Space Museum

    We found this video design proposal of the New National Air & Space Museum in New York (Pier 86 at 46th street on the West side of Manhattan). The video shows a cross section of the museum with the Hudson River and New Jersey as the backdrop. It also shows a NASA’s space shuttle upside down or as the YouTube description refers to it “planar side up”. It appears in with this design people will be able to climb up to the suspended shuttle and walk around on its underbelly…

    Proposal for Intrepid’s new Air & Space Museum, New York, 2012 from Gabriela Bruno on Vimeo.

    Upon further investigation into who was behind the video we found the work of Gabriela Bruno. On her portfolio website we found more images of the proposal that show the unique design for the Museum…

    This would be really cool in real life and we hope it becomes a reality.

  • Gowanus Dredgers: Up the Creek, With a Paddle

    The tale of the Gowanus Dredgers…

    Gowanus Dredgers: Up the Creek, With a Paddle from Viola Gad on Vimeo.

    info from Vimeo posting:
    In 1999, a group of guys went drinking at a Brooklyn bar and came up with a crazy idea. They’d buy a couple canoes and start riding up and down the polluted Gowanus Canal to call attention to the environmental issues there. By the next morning, they had pooled their money and purchased the canoes. They decided to call themselves the Gowanus Dredgers, and began paddling through the noxious stew of industrial runoff and sewage. The Dredgers have since developed into a nonprofit organization devoted to opening access to NYC’s waterfronts, including the Gowanus, and they have championed environmental restoration of the waterway.


Gowanus, Brooklyn

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