• Affordable Desktop 3D Printer!

    Those crazy kids at Makerbot have really done it this time! They have made a new affordable 3D printing, called the MakerBot® Replicator™ 2 Desktop 3D Printer, that can be used to make millions of objects at your home or office (you don’t have an office cause you’re a designer and you have like some sort of bat cave or something). So in your secret layer you can build “huge complex things”!

    The device uses PLA, which is a renewable bio plastic, to make complex objects. Check out the future of making stuff…

  • The Carpentress: Britany Stevenson

    Carpenters are like the most badass people ever. They come with a specific personality that says ‘I can build that’. You always know them by the calluses on their hands. These apparitions on their skin are a badge of honor marking when they have created something new. Gowanus has a whole lot of carpenters, Britany Stevenson is one of them. In this Audio Slideshow called The Carpentress, Britany talks about using “creative muscles” for her job, what it is  like being a female carpenter, and her current project that involves building a robot. Check it out…

    The Carpentress (Audio Slideshow) from Adam Golub on Vimeo.


  • Biking Hipster To Get New Ride

    Oh, hipsters…your love of ironically riding a bicycle just got a little hipper!

    Look at this thing!

    Look at that guy. He’s so damn cool, we can’t even deal!

    Hipsters your ironic nature will love this new pedal-less bicycle. That’s right, nothings more cool or more ironic than a bicycle without pedals. The concept is from FLIZ and it is powered by running (or doing the giant man walk you did in pre-school) and them putting your feet up near the back wheel to allow you to freely glide. It’s interesting to say this least. Check out the video of this person NOT looking silly at all…

    Discovered via

  • High Speed Internet for All!

    From the same people that braught you email that works and every map you’ve look at in the past 5 years….Google… will be bringing you internet at high speeds. The technology God will start its bold new business in Kansas, a place know for its tech industry and cutting edge dense populations… Wait, what? Kansas? Google are you serious? Our internet in Brooklyn doesn’t even get close to what you are offering. Why are you starting out there? In the promo for the service (below) Google says it needs large amounts of people in one area to sign up in order to provide internets. WTF Google! We have more people than all of Kansas on one block! Anyway, Google, thanks for jumping into the internet provider biz. We sure aren’t happy with our speeds. Maybe with you involved well actual get the speeds we pay for. ( Screw you Kansas!) Google High Speed Internet coming to you neighbor, Dorothy’s house soon…

  • Birds Eye View From A Giant Red Balloon

    So last weekend you were probably bee boppin around Gowanus and might have seen a big red balloon floating in the sky near the Canal. As usual whenever you see a big red balloon you thought two things:

    1) 99 Luftballons (99 Red Balloons) – the song by that band you can never remember the name of!


    2) Le ballon rouge (The Red Ballon) – the 1956 movie by Albert Lamorisse that you fell asleep watching in film class and failed to ever watch all the way through, even though it’s only like 30+ minutes long.

    Neither of which have anything to do with the balloon you saw in the sky.

    The floating red balloon you possible saw is for an ongoing mapping project being conducted by the Public Laboratory, local residents, and the Gowanus Canal Conservancy’s Low Altitude Mapping Program with the help of Gowanus Dredger’s canoes…aka a whole lot of Gowanus nerds! The data is being collected by all these sciency types for a Proteus Gowanus Over My Dead Body Expedition map and the Conservancy’s Gowanus ReLeaf Expedition aerial review. The team used a Red Balloon from Grassroots Mapping filled helium donated by Liberty Industrial Gases.

    The Googlesque images taken shows the here and now of Gowanus, Brooklyn from above!

    Check out a few of these aerial shots that show Thomas Greene Park Pool, Bayside Fuel Depot, the Canal, Bond St, President St, the controversial Royal Palms Shuffleboard rooftop, and a few of balloonist enjoying themselves.

    (images provided by Eymund Diegel)

    In addition to the fun shots above another round of photographs, found here , were specifically taken for the Gowanus Canal Conservancy to show Canal edge vegetation, new plantings, and street end sites that local residents would like converted to parks. The images also show the greenery the Conservancy has added near the Gowanus Canal and their outdoor office known as the Salt Lot. It probably shows other sciency stuff too like water levels and icky things like pollution.

    Also, a group of photos for Proteus Gowanus were taken in the search for one of Gowanus’s biggest secrets. Supposedly hiding under a large slap of concrete maybe 250 plus dead bodies! The bodies are possible of a Maryland Regiment killed in the first battle of the American Revolutionary War, the 1776 Battle for Brooklyn aka the Battle for Long Island. The image shows 8th Street and 3rd Avenue from above. In it you see someone laying on the ground for scale and a large amount of concrete that has what appears to be cracks making patterns. The theory, listed  under one of the images on Proteus Gowanus’s flickr page, is that if there is a mass grave…

    expansion cracks in the concrete would run north south, contrary to the logical northeast to southeast layout of the lot and steel reinforcing grid’s expansion joints.”

    The images alludes to such cracks and truly might be the final resting place for America’s first soldiers to be lost in battle. Further studies of the images and from other historical documents may force the excavation of this particular lot in Gowanus in the future.

    The mapping program is ongoing and previous birds eye view photos are available on the Proteus Gowanus flickrGowanus Canal Conservancy’s flickr pages and Mapknitter.org.

  • Gowanus Spaceman

    Here in Gowanus, Ted Southern, an artist  & designer, and Nikolay Moiseev, a Russian mechanical engineer, play with odd looking plastic suits. The funky plastic duds aren’t  for scuba-ing in the Gowanus Canal, but for playing in the great beyond…space. Together Ted and Nikolay are Final Frontier Design a startup company that hopes to make the spacesuit for the new commercial (private) space program. They have a ridiculously cute Kickstarter in which they explain their plans to make the next futuristic apparel for those leaving earth. Check it out:

    Wired Magazine has the full story on their plans here.


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