Battle of Brooklyn Site May Get Residential Building

We recently discovered a 1956 document from the National Park Service, which discusses the location of the fallen Maryland soldiers from the Battle of Brooklyn, America’s first major battle during the Revolutionary War. The half century old document, prepared by Regional Historian Frank Barnes, places the burial site just off of 3rd between 7th & 8th Streets in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

The thought that Gowanus has been hiding the bodies of America’s first heroes is not new. We’ve actually talked about it a lot. We’ve been getting our intel (including the doc above) from the Proteus Gowanus’s Hall of Gowanus, whom has been researching this issue for a while now. The valuable archives from the Hall of Gowanus may soon be put to use because someone wants to build a residential building very close to (and maybe on top of) this unofficially historic cemetery. Brownstoner reports that permits were filed for 203 9th Street a commercial space, to become a 5-story residential building. Hall of Gowanus may actually have something to say about this because they have a draft document to convert the open lot right next door to 203 9th Street into a Memorial Park. The question is, will construction be stopped before it begins in order to once and for all determine the site’s historic significance or will construction begin and archaeological oversight be needed in order to make sure what could be the most important historic area in the United States be preserved? Only time will tell.

Google Hack – Jungle View

Gothamist’s wonders if you remember the backdrop for Will Smith’s I am Legend that showed nature taking back New York’s urban environment? You know, trees in Time Square and moss growing on skyscrapers? …


Wasn’t that pretty neat? Wanna relive the whole nature overtaking New York feeling again? Well, now you can with Google’s Visual hack Jungle Street View. Check it…


The hack allows one to choose a location and drop in with the Google Orangy-Yellow dude to 360* the urban surroundings with a Jungle look. There’s trees and bushes everywhere. And moss growing on crap, but alas no Will Smith.


It is not known if it this works live with Google Glass… but it should, cause that’d be awesome! Go play with the hack here.



DEP offer $6 Million in Grants


↑ Bishop Loughlin Before and After ↑

Department of Environmental Protection is offer $6 million dollars in grants for Green Projects to community groups Non-Profits, and Property Owners. That’s a whole lot of green to make a whole lot of green!

Over the past 3 years the DEP has offer $11 million in grants to fund various green projects. You might be familiar with a few like: ’43,400 square foot green roof at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, one of the nation’s first blue/green roof combinations at The Osborne Association in the Bronx, a green roof at Lenox Hill Neighborhood House in Manhattan, permeable pavers and rain gardens at Queens College, a New York Restoration Project community garden in Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood, and a green roof at Bishop Loughlin Memorial High School in Brooklyn.’

Queens College, Rain Gardens Permeable Pavers

↑ Queens College, Rain Gardens Permeable Pavers ↑

DEP wants to continuing greening the hell out of the big apple and, for the first time ever, offers not one, but two times during a single year for groups to submit applications. These application dates are:

For even more details on how you can become the next Captain Planet for your neighborhood go here!

We All Deserve To Shuffle

Let’s just preface things with, it was only the middle of the week and the stressiness from work really was taking a toll on us. We couldn’t sleep well, we were so tense, and we pretty much lived with a grumpiness plastered on our face.

Well, luckily, we got to pop into the ‘soft’ opening of the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club… And let us tell you, we feel so relaxed and chill! So, strew it all, we don’t need to ever get near anything stressful like work again! All we want to do is just grab a sweet cocktail and slide of biscuits (the puck thingies) across an supersmooth shuffleboard. Really, we think that doctors should recommend this activity for anyone who exhibits any signs of grumpousness or mean face. We really feel like we had some type of perfect massage. We truly can’t explain the just chillness we feel, but we can offer a few visual aids. So, here it is the inside of a complete, sexy looking, mood lit Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club.

First up… the really cool center main bar…

Here’s a pan view of a majority of the space.
Shufflers chatting on the courts…


The night’s Cocktail list, which apparently are names of legendary shufflers…


To the right are these VIP feeling cabanas where you can just sit back and watch all the chillness in the room…

Here’s a shot of the Eastern set of courts…

Some nice things on tap as one can see…

This is the first of many cocktails, which made the evening even more magical…

Here’s another cocktail with a shot of the bartender, who clearly had the best shirt in the history of ever!…

A closer shot of one of the pretty cocktails…

This shot’s blurry cause of the pretty cocktails, but we think it is trying to display the flags from all the past/present shuffleboard leagues around the U.S….

There’s this wall of old timey photos tucked away in the corner that are pretty neat…

We are not sure of the phrase “Keep your pigeons off the fences”. Is it like a motivational phrase or like something that we shouldn’t do? Either way, we choose to use it as an empowerment… Yes, we will KEEP our PIGEONS OFF THE FENCE!…


Some lovely people that we played a game with…
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Redoing Penn Station

penn redesign
So, everyone hates Penn Station. Maybe it’s because you came in on a bus and your trip sucked cause busing it is a pain or maybe it’s cause your train ran out of booze half way back to NYC, or maybe it’s cause Penn Station is designed in a way that feels like a creeping old man’s basement… whatever the reason, when everyone gets to Penn they pretty much want to leave. ‘They’ (no idea who they are) have decided that it’s time to redesign Penn Station in a way that doesn’t suck… And by the looks of it turn it into some star trek looking futuristic headquarters.

More details at Municipal Art Society

Interactive 1836 Map Vs Now Map

The Smithsonian Mag website has a beautifully done interactive map of New York City, which compares old timey 1836 New York to (futuristic?) now! In particular it shows a lovely little creek winding its way into the new City of Brooklyn. Although it is not labeled on this map, this is the Gowanus Creek, which would later become the Gowanus Canal. Note that there are three ponds: Coles Mill Pond, Dentons Mill Pond, and Freeks Mill Pond, which break off from the Gowanus Creek. These bodies of water are important to review because they were the natural rainwater collection zones for water running down the hills from Park Slope and Carroll Gardens. Once these were covered during the construction of the Gowanus Canal (beginning 1867), water in the area had no natural place to go to. The lack of a water catch in the area caused flooding issues that are still very prevalent today.

Explore 1836 Gowanus and the rest of New York over at


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