• Craft Fair & Holiday Party, Oh My

    It’s been just a little over two weeks since Build It Green (BIG) store in Gowanus re-opened after taking a major beating from hurricane Sandy (We hate you Sandy!). And while most places would try to lay low and take it easy after such a dramatic event, BIGs pushing forward with a craftastic holiday infused event. On Friday, December 7th from 6-10PM BIG having a Craft Fair & Holiday party all at the same time and a day long craft fair on Saturday, December 8th 10am-5PM. The event called Crafted at the Canal is meant  to help BIG recover after jerkface Sandy, support fabulous local artist, and help YOU, Joe Shopper, find that perfect holiday gift. Plus, under the holiday party part of the invite theirs the greatest four words in the English language…

    “Get A Complimentary Beer!”


    That’s right craft fair, party, and a complimentary beer (while supplies last we assume)! Sounds like a nice Friday and Saturday to us. And check out the list of vendors…

    Llaves DesignsNew York ClocksWild Edge DesignsRecycle-A-Bicycle JewelryWonder Lee 123 Designs Inc, Surname Cycling GoodsLa’ Elle Chalkboards and DesignsOllieluluBexbuckles coTri-LoxPlanet ErtAncora BagsFilm Biz RecyclingWoodknot DesignrubberpiecesShea YeleenMatthew Lusk’s Bright IdeasCoil + Drift… Plus handmade ceramics & more!

    All these peeps are awesome and have the perfect gives for mom, dad, John Q Nephew and Jane Q Sister! See you there!

  • Moral Support For Aquarium Team

    People who take care of animals are awesome. Like really really awesome. But few animal lovers are as badass as the staff at the New York Aquarium at Coney Island. You see as hurricane Sandy rolled into New York and overtook the beaches of Coney Island the staff at the New York Aquarium continued to do their jobs. Animal keepers stayed overnight while the storm pounded at the walls of the Coney Island facility. The staff did everything they could to protect various species of aquatic life even after hurricane Sandy’s flood waters began filling the Aquarium facility.

    Like many places in New York after the storm the power was out for what seemed like an eternity. The staff had to find a way to help animals that live in temperature controlled and oxygen controlled environments without the use of power. There’s probably not much training on how one can deal with such a nightmarish situation, but still the staff kept working and working and working… and they are still working. Although power has returned the New York Aquarium is still closed indefinitely.

    The people who work at the Aquarium need your love and there is a way YOU can show it.

    Not only can you give to the Wildlife Conservation Society that runs the New York Aquarium;


    You can also post images of “Thanks” to the staff by posting on the New York Aquarium’s Thanks Page!

    You can post notes like these…

    …which say thanks to people who take care of animals like this ridiculously cute otter named Tazo:

    and this giant baby manual walrus:

    or even these Sargussum and Scorpion Fish:

    Take a moment to tell the peeps that help protect animals even during a crazy storm that their awesome…


  • Forget Black Friday… Go Green This Friday

    If you aren’t already standing in a line waiting for some big box store sale that they could easily afford to do all the time, than there is still hope for you. Just forget about going to the megastores and fighting your way to those worthless deals. Give up the ridiculous tradition of Black Friday and Go Green with Build It Green, Film Biz Recycling, and the Lower East Side Ecology Center’s E-Waste Warehouse here in the greatest neighborhood in the world, Gowanus, Brooklyn!

    All three of these Green places are having a mega holiday sales with 50% off selected items this Friday November 23rd from 10am – 5pm!

    AND! they are all having a having a craft workshop to help you make the perfect gift from 3 – 5pm.

    Go Green! Think Unique, Eco-friendly, DIY, and Inspiring creativity with ReUse.

    Green is so an X-mas color anyways!


  • Gowanus Studio Space still taking good

    Gowanus Studio Space, 166 7th Street  Brooklyn, NY 11215, is still taking a ton of stuff to deliver to the Rockaways, Red Hook, Broad Channel, and Staten Island. Get your donation to them today and throughout the week.

    Here’s what they still need:

    kids clothes

    clorox wipes



    children’s cough medication








    non-perishable food (Cans)

    Dry Goods (Food)

    Read more ›

  • Kickstart it: DIY Spectrometry Kit

    The Public Laboratory is seeking funds to create a DIY Spectrometry Kit for library of open-source spectral data. Basically they want to make it easy for everyone to test the gooh they find with a simple Spectrometry kit. Then they want to take this data that you sciencey types have collected and put into an open-source database like wiki. Sounds cool. Check out the video for a better explanation…

    Kickstart them here.



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