• Compost Your Face Off In Gowanus

    The community has spoken and it says: “Gowanus place to reuse waste!”

    The Preliminary Results for District 39 2012 Participatory Budgeting are in and composting near the Gowanus Canal is number 2 on ways to spend the District’s money. Lead by the Gowanus Canal Conservancy the composting program will take our food waste and process it right at the Salt Lot at 2nd Ave. and the Canal. The project will “help stop the harmful impact of transporting our food waste out-of state” (that’s truck pollution, yo!). After being processed the decomposed materials will be used on street trees, gardens, homes, window boxes, and parks. So, if you don’t already, start freezing your left overs and get ready to feed them to the team of do-gooders in Gowanus.

    Here’s someone explaining the program more eloquently then we can write it:

    Brooklyn Neighbors Composting from Arts & Democracy Project on Vimeo.

    Also, check out the Gowanus Canal Conservancy’s video time-lapse of composting here mixed with theme of Benny Hill!

    Bonus Your Face Off

    Here’s a list of all the winners in the Participatory Budget for District 39.

    • Renovation of two dysfunctional bathrooms at PS 124 ($150,000, 958 votes)
    • Innovative community composting system near Gowanus Canal to turn 1 ton/day of food waste into soil ($165,000, 919 votes)
    • Planting 100 new trees on blocks throughout the district with few or no trees ($100,000, 767 votes)
    • New technology for PS 130 and PS 154 ($140,000, 758 votes)
    • Repairing Prospect Park pedestrian paths to prevent flooding, and adding trash cans in the park ($205,000, 648 votes)
    • Repairs and safety improvements at the dangerous Prospect Expressway/Church Avenue pedestrian crossing ($200,000, 606 votes)
    • New books and equipment for the Kensington public library to enhance the branch’s use for meetings, storytelling, rehearsals, and small performances promoting Kensington’s cultural diversity ($80,000, 582 votes)
  • Tree rhymes with Free

    A tree grows in Brooklyn… and they’re giving them away for free, apparently!!!

    The Gowanus Canal Conservancy, featured here speed composting, has 100 trees that they are giving away for free March 24th at the Salt Lot in Gowanus. The trees being distributed are courteous of the MillionTreeNYC and New York Restoration Project. The trees will come in a 3 and 7 gallon plastic container, so you might want to think about a vehicle for transport…(dragging a tree through the subway, although hilarious, is not advised.) The trees will need to be planted on private property and cannot be used for planting on sidewalks, left in/placed in containers, or planted on roofs.

    Trees are cool, just like bow-ties are cool!


    Trees provide oxygen that we need to breathe. They can provide shade on a hot summers day.

    Trees can mark where you buried treasure…

    Shawshank Redemption

    Trees can inspire song lyrics…

    Finally, trees can kick some serious ass…

    Trees are  just awesome!!!

    The Gowanus Canal Conservancy free tree give away on March 24th is a first come first serve basis, but you can register here to make sure you get one.

    Go on get your tree on!

  • Plant A Tree In Gowanus

    This past August Gowanus Alliance put together a petition not only to clean and promote Ennis Park, but to replace trees that had been damaged and removed by the Parks Department after a storm last year. It’s only been a few months, but with the help of Gowanus Conservancy they are ready to plant some brand spanking new trees in the park. Help them this Sunday, October 23rd with the planting of these new trees and be a part of the team that makes Ennis Park a neighborhood resource for Gowanus, Park Slope, and Carroll Garden Residence.

    Here’s the tentative schedule for this Sunday, October 23rd: ‘planting day’

    9:00 Meet Paul at Salt Lot (2 Second Ave)

    move perennials, tools and compost to Ennis Park

    10:00 Perform plant layout

    Locate trees and perennials around Ennis Park where they will be  installed by volunteers

    11:00 Volunteers arrive and work day begins

    3 tree teams (3 volunteers, 1 coordinator) Volunteers will install the trees according to Parks standards, amend tree pit soils with compost, backfill and water trees, install tree stakes and guys 1 garden team (up to 10 volunteers, 2 coordinators) Volunteers will install perennials and shrubs in garden beds according to approved layout

    2 Mulch Crews (up to 6 volunteers) Mulch crews will shuttle mulch  around Ennis Park to the gardeners and tree planters who need mulch. When not busy mulching, the crews will also pick up trash and pull weeds.

    3:00 Volunteer event concludes, tools and materials are moved back to the Salt Lot.



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