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Gowanus, Brooklyn
The crack between two hipster neighborhoods, home to the now superfunded Canal, the flash point for the new 'Buy Local' and textile revolutions, & filled with brilliant bohemians. . . this is Gowanus & it’ll awesome your face off.
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Do you like real ‘Football’?

If you think ‘Football’ is just a game where people in huge pads run around for a short amount of time, then you have never left the country and probably never traveled 5…

Image Provided by Full Plate Farm Collective

This Food’s For You – Community Supported Agriculture from Upstate

Food you can really sink your teeth into… fresh & organic… Full Plate Farm Collective CSA


Video: The Street Vendors of New York

It cost lots to just sell food on the streets of the Big Apple


Fire at the Morbid Anatomy Library!

Fire hits unique museum!


New York Public Library Milstein Suspense Trailer

Man books can be so sexy! Especially when some takes a trip to the New York Public Libraries Irma and Paul Milstein research area and turns it into a cool suspense trailer.


Take Your Best Shot

Katie captured people by letting people capture themselves.


Business For Squares

Square Register says it has everything you need to start, run, and grow your business – all you need is an iPad.


New York Times – goes all archivey

The New York Times finally is sharing all the images from its monstrous archives.


Holy Shark Tank Batman!

Has anyone seen the new design stuff for the New York Aquarium? It’s mind blowing. On the Aquariums website you can see a video title an Ocean Wonders: Sharks!, which show a completely redesigned…

Brooklyn Based takes a day trip to Gowanus

Brooklyn Based travels along the industrial streets near the Gowanus Canal and discovers the magical places hidden in plain sight… Read it here: Day Trip: Gowanus


The Fight Against Outdoor Advertising

In her film This Space Available filmmaker Gwenaëlle Gobé  shows a variety of struggles against uncheck outdoor advertising and searches for a solution to this seemingly unending visual pollution problem. Trailer from This space…


MTA new Weekender Website – Just Wow!

The words shock and awe comes to mind with the new interactive map on the MTA Weekender Website. Look how cool it is…   Click anywhere on the map and it zooms in to…


For Funsies: Wiretree’s The Shore

Wiretree’s new song The Shore is made by Paper-Cut Animation. Really neato-torpedo! via


Octopus of the week: This One Flies

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… no it’s actually a flying octopus kite! via


Octopus of the Week

This crazy Steam Punk Octopus is from Burning Man and we all know what happens at Burning Man, says at Burning Man!


Understanding 9/11: A Television News Archive

The Internet Archives has collected the broadcast data for 19 news networks from September 11th, 2001 to September 17th, 2001 as a way of capturing the various perspectives of the media during this…


Battle of Brooklyn

Some 235 years ago American Revolutionary Forces gathered on West side of Brooklyn, formally still part of Long Island, for the Battle of Brooklyn (Battle of Long Island). Many of these fine men…


Lions, Tigers, and Volcanos… Oh My!

  We had not even had our morning coffee yet when we read on Renegade News that there’s a Brooklyn Volcano lying dormant under the Gowanus Expressway! Well, before you crap yourselves (like we did)…


Irene Vs. Gowanus Wrap Up

Okay, so we have had enough of the whole over reporting of the storm. The TV media went completely nuts like kids hopped up on tons of sugar. For example this reporting getting…

G train

Subways are a Go Go… DAMN IT!

Oh, we know what you were thinking when you woke up this morning… free day cause the subways are screwed up, but alas they are not… They are a go go! Here’s what…


abandon ship (evacuate) or ride it out in Gowanus?

The answer to the question of “should I stay or should I go?” is relatively easy to answer…if goes something like this… “Yes, you should get somewhere else!” Even if the hurricane is downgraded…


Brad Landers helpful hurrican info

This is an unedited email from the Office of City Councilmember Brad Landers. Permission for publication was not asked. Dear Friend, While forecasts are still uncertain, there is a strong possibility that Hurricane…


Gowanus – Evacuation Info

So the weatherman (who are always right?) says that we are probably getting a hurricane! But will this effect my weekend? You bet your ass if will! Gowanus is located in a marshland…


Countdown Clocks on 4th Ave. & President. St

It’s no mystery that crossing 4th Avenue can be dangerous at times. There has always been a problem with the walk sign disappearing halfway across the Avenue. To fix the question of ‘how much time…



It seems like every time it rains or a pigeon farts the New York subway system descends into the 9th level of hell! In honor this weekends mess and what surely will be…

blow off

Reading: The Blow-Off – Monster Stalks NYC

“When a local drunk is mugged near the toxic Gowanus Canal by “a hulking, hairy beast who smells really bad,” Hank Kalabander thinks nothing of blaming the assault on the legendary Bigfoot. His…


in world of cool slow-mo… 8 Hours in Brooklyn

Simple beautiful and amazing video in slow-motion of people and places in Brooklyn. Brilliant!!! “All footage was shot within an 8 hour span in Brooklyn, NYC. Several of these shots will be used…


Subway WiFi not near you…

Yesterday, we posted something about how the outer boroughs get the shaft by the MTA… well add this to the list… The MTA is going to finally roll into the 21st Century and…


MTA Shafts the Outer Boroughs

That headlines comes as no surprise to anyone who has ridden the subway anywhere outside of Manhattan. If you’ve ever tried to get to Manhattan outside of rush hour or on the weekends…


Restoration Gowanus

Back in June a man posted that he intended to restore a townhouse that he and his wife had recently purchased in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Since then he has really made some amazing progress…


What’s the deal with the SUV Burnt-Out on 5th Ave?

*Update: At about noon today [July 2nd], a car burst into flames while driving down Fifth Avenue. The driver pulled over on the corner of First Street, where the entire car became engulfed…


We Love New York

At around 10:30p yesterday the New York Senate voted for equality in New York. We are so proud to live in this great State!!!


Tote Bag Printing At Gowanus Print Lab

Musician Grace Weber and her boyfriend Dane created this short video that shows just how easy it is to print tote bags for her new album at Gowanus Print Lab in Gowanus, Brooklyn….

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea word poster

Squid of the Week: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea word poster

  Get it here: Postertext.com


Squid of the Week: The Anachronism

Preview for The Anachronism, which is a Steampunk style short that tells the tale of two kids who find a giant wrecked robot squid. Bonus Your Face Off The actually film short… The…


Saturday Rewind: Recycling Center in Staten Island

The History Channel’s Daniel Wilson takes viewers inside the Pratt Industries Staten Island Paper Recycling facility.


Recap of the Week in Gowanus

Lot’s of cool and interesting things happen in Gowanus each week. Here’s a recap for your enjoyment… Sunday: Short Film Slam 2 Monday: Buy Brooklyn at By Brooklyn Gowanus Houseboat – New York…


Recap of this Week in Gowanus!

To busy to read this blog everyday? so are we! Here’s a list of what happening this week in Gowanus: Monday Animated of the Day: Huck on the Gowanus Finding a Balance for…


Cool Car on 3rd Ave

We are not really that much into cars; We prefer the two wheel form of transport, but this 1963 Avanti being worked on the auto-repair place on 3rd Ave between Union St &…

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