• Brooklyn Atlantics Baseball Card Found… To Rare To Estimate Its $$$$$$$$$

    Before the Brooklyn Dodgers became the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers they were known as the Brooklyn Atlantics. The Atlantics played during baseball’s infancy at Washington Park baseball field, which use to be a 3rd Ave. and 3rd St. in Gowanus Brooklyn. (Some amazing old photos of the baseball field can be found on this site. And yes the old wall to the baseball field still stands.)

    Recently a baseball card of the Brooklyn Atlantics was unearthed at a garage sale. This card is now up for sale at the Saco River Auction Co. in Maine on Feb 6th, 2013. The value of this card simply can’t be estimated because the only other card like this one is in the Library of Congress. Pretty nifty! Check out the authentication document here.


  • The Dead May Have Been Awoken

    You know those really spooky horror movies where someone disturbs some ancient burial grounds and all sorts of crazy weird stuff starts happening? Well, get ready for the crazy weird stuff to start happening…

    Yesterday, construction workers doing preliminary work for a possible school in Gowanus did some digging right where supposedly a mass grave from 1776 exist. The construction worker used this machine…

    to take samples. What they may not have realized is that their drilling might be going right down into the last resting place of 256 Marylander soldiers who died during the first battle of the Revolutionary War (Battle for Long Island / Battle for Brooklyn). There’s very compelling evidence from Eymund Diegel of the Public Laboratory & Proteus Gowanus and his community Grassroots Mapping team, that identifies this location, 170 8th Street (Parking lot), as part of a very historically significant mass grave. The supposed grave runs from the middle of properties near 9th Street and 3rd Avenue (American Legend) under 8th Street to properties at 8th Street and 3rd Avenue (Brooklyn Homebrew and Four & Twenty Blackbirds). Eymund Diegal and his team have done tons of research and aerial mapping of these locations. Some of the most compelling signs that their really might be a huge grave in the 170 8th Street parking lot is the direction of the plants growing in the lot, which seem to match the layout of dug trenches, and the cracks in the parking lot’s concrete that are about 8 feet a part (8 feet being the length of a grave). Because of the efforts made by Eymund Diegal and the community based Grassroots Mapping team the story of grave existence has reached those   who would be very horrified by someone drilling or even digging where such a treasure trove of American history might exist. Back in September Martin O’Malley, the Governor of Maryland, sent a note to New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg saying the Maryland would help preserve the site. Although, it is not known if efforts have been made by the Major’s office to control the 170 8th Street site, which is currently privately owned. What is known is that the lot is open for development and based on the testing being done by the construction workers, it looks like a school might want to use the property.

    We’re not saying that Revolutionary Soldiers are going to come back from the dead and wreak havoc on Brooklyn! (or are we!)

    What we are saying is American archaeologist and historians would be appalled at knowing the site was not properly excavated and history was simply covered up.







    More details on mapping here.

  • tesla fight!

    This made my nerd bones go electric crazy! Two fools fight using Tesla coil sticks. What happens is the most awesome star warsesque thing ever!

    Jump to 2:44…

  • Booyah! Brooklyn Bouillon

    *not for vegan eyes!

    In 2010 Rachael Mamane formed Brooklyn Bouillon a company that partners with local farms (NY) and uses the entire animal to make stocks and demi-glace (a brown base sauce). According to their website their products contain no salt, no MSG, no hydrogenated oil, no grain and no gluten. The company, which has a kitchen in Sunset park, places a high value on sustainability and really shows how the modern world can be efficient and respectful of nature. They’ve got a whole lot of good stuff too…

    Current basic stocks include: Pasture-Raised Chicken Stock, Grass-Fed Beef Stock, Local Fish Fumet, and Organic Vegetable Stock. Current special stocks include: Cage-Free Duck Stock, Heritage Breed Pork Stock, Local Seafood Stock, and Wild Mushroom Stock. Current Gourmet Demi-Glace include: Cage-Free Veal Demi-Glace and Roasted Root Vegetable Demi-Glace

    Vimeo user SkeeterNYC, documentary filmmaker and editor, put up this cool video which highlights the badassness of Brooklyn Bouillon…

    The Queen of Flavored Water: Brooklyn Bouillon from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

  • 42 Trailer – Jackie Robinson Bio Pic

    A new film called 42 covers the life of legendary barrier braking Brooklyn Dodger Jackie Robinson.


    Bonus Your Face Off

    Did you know one of the first places the Dodgers played was in Washington Park, which is right here in Gowanus, Brooklyn!

    Read more here….


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