• Brooklyn Atlantics Baseball Card Found… To Rare To Estimate Its $$$$$$$$$

    Before the Brooklyn Dodgers became the Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers they were known as the Brooklyn Atlantics. The Atlantics played during baseball’s infancy at Washington Park baseball field, which use to be a 3rd Ave. and 3rd St. in Gowanus Brooklyn. (Some amazing old photos of the baseball field can be found on this site. And yes the old wall to the baseball field still stands.)

    Recently a baseball card of the Brooklyn Atlantics was unearthed at a garage sale. This card is now up for sale at the Saco River Auction Co. in Maine on Feb 6th, 2013. The value of this card simply can’t be estimated because the only other card like this one is in the Library of Congress. Pretty nifty! Check out the authentication document here.


  • The Greatest Craft Fair You’ll Ever Go To

    There’s all sorts of places to shop during the holiday season, but only one is filled with two weekends of pure awesome …

    Brooklyn Craft Central (Sat. and Sun, Dec 15+16 & Dec 22+23) takes normal craft fairs and punches in the face! Ok, not really. But metaphorically it totally does. Why you ask? Cause it’s like fight club and…. No wait it’s not really like fight club… Sorry, not sure where the focus on fisticuffs is coming from. Oh wait, yes we do. It’s cause this event is badass and here’s 5 solid reasons why you are going…

    1) It’s at Littlefield

    You of course know Littlefield the 6200-square foot warehouse venue with shows like Kurt Braunohler and Kristin Schaal Hot Tub and former Daily Show’s Wyatt Cenac comedy show Night Train. (If you didn’t go to either of these, know we are totally giving you the stink eye). Aside from the celebratah’ that perfumes the joint, Littlefield is super close to where you live. It’s in a little neighborhood that we love called, Gowanus! Which is conveniently located in between your laziness and the fact that you need holiday gifts.

    2) The Media is telling you to!

    The following places have said you are going and you wouldn’t want to disappoint them: CBS Local NYC , GadlingTime Out New York,  New York MagazineGreenpointersHey MishkaPark Slope StoopBKLYNOTBKB,  Krrb.com,  Industry MagazineBrooklyn Exposed,  The Voice, and GowanusYourFaceOff. Note that New York Mag is specifically telling you to “[t]ake advantage of the full bar serving up holiday cocktails while you pick up…local crafts and edibles.” Don’t make New York Mag cry by not going! Read more ›

  • Go Shopping Sunday Without the Kids

    If you have kids you know one of the hardest times of year is from now to the end of the month. This month is jammed packed with so much holiday stuff. It so difficult to go to every little event and even more impossible to find time to shop! When you do find a moment to run and get gifts, what do you do with the kids? Leave them at home to cause chaos? No! That’d be silly. You can totally just drop them off for a few hours at the Brooklyn Robot Foundry! They have this amazing class called “Kids Play, You Shop”  that take place on Sundays this month. Kids get to learn about, you guessed it, ROBOTS, while you run around and get their or everyone elses gifts. That’s seems awesome enough, but there is an even more awesome element to this class. If you drop your kids off at Robot Foundry you can totally get discounts at local restaurants, boutiques, and even a gym!

    Right now you can get a discount at the following places: 718 Cyclery, A. Cheng, By Brooklyn, Film Biz Recycling, Flirt, Juice Haven, Root Hill Burger, Root Hill Cafe, the Brooklyn Craft Central Annual Holiday Market (Dec 15/16 & 22/23), Garfield’s, Cotta-Bene, and Captain Quinn’s.

    This sounds too good to be true! It’s like a dream!

    Check out the class info here.

  • Gowanus Vintage Store!

    Now that we’re older what we grew up with… is thought of as vintage!”

    That’s what Greg Paquette tells us in his new ‘vintage’ store called The Sporting Life in Gowanus, Brooklyn. In the store, which opened last month, you won’t find pieces from the 1960s like what Don Draper wears on Madmen or old-timey items worn during prohibition like on Boardwalk Empire…. what you will find is something from the late X’er and Y’er generations youth… fashion pieces from the late 80s and the 90s. To our generation these items are from a simpler time when we were younger and fashion was…well, “unique” to say the least. Greg says:

    The items that you’ll find in [other] vintage shops are not what ‘we’ get nostalgic about… it’s stuff from the 90s that we are into!”

    And Greg’s right! His store is like a drive in a DeLorean down memory lane complete with talking Steve Urkel doll:

    Yes, you did do that Greg! And we are glad you did. The store has all sorts of crazy stuff like old buttons, a complete Walkman outfit, an OJ Simson shirt…and even old rackets that you can grab to use at the Thomas Greene Park around the corner. It’s ‘da bomb’!

    But be warned this store will date you, and if you haven’t realized it’s been 19 years since Saved by the Bell went off the air…you will. As Andrew Raskin, also of The Sporting Life says:

    My niece didn’t know what half this stuff was!”

    To bad for your niece Andrew… this stuff is totally the coolest of the cool from our childhood. It’s like “Whoa”, fantastic!

    The Sporting Life is located at: 285 Nevins Street At Sackett, Brooklyn, NY

    Check out their Facebook for more details.


  • Another Eatery by Littleneck?

    It’s no secret that the Gowanus’s first clam shack, Littleneck, has been very successful. Just last week they were in the New Yorker and the week before it was the New York Times or maybe it was the New York Post? No one can really remembers what came out when at this point, it’s just abundantly clear that Littleneck is a big hit!  But the clam shack owner’s, who started their success with a kickstarter, aren’t just content with one popular place in Gowanus. Just a few doors down from Littleneck inside what was once Tony’s bagels, construction is underway on some type of eatery (maybe with tapas) by the clam shack boys and another investor. Details about what food and drinks that will be served are not yet set in stone…or at least being kept secret for the time being. If you poke your head inside the new venue you will find a wooden bar on the right side and some rural aesthetics, similar to the atmosphere found in Littleneck. Unlike Littleneck though, this place has a nice backyard, which we are sure the clam shack boys and their new investor will design to be a romantic hideaway underneath a glorious Gowanus sky. Right now the eatery is scheduled to open at some point in July.

    This place will join a growing scene in the area that includes: Brooklyn Robot Foundry, Cotta-Bene’s, Twig Terrariums, Runners & Stone (coming in Fall), Monte’s, Gowanus Grove, LittleneckCanal Bar, Film Biz Recycling, Keur Djembe Drum Shop, Triomph Fitness, Swoon718 Cyclery, Juice Haven, Brooklyn Boulder, Littleneck,  Gowanus Arts Building, and so many more!


  • Business For Squares

    So, we believe small businesses read GYFO or at least we tell ourselves that they do. And we believe that small businesses are pretty awesome! With that in mind, we thought we’d post this video about Square Register because we think it might be helpful for a small business in a big world.

    Square Register from Square on Vimeo.


    discovered via



  • Brooklyn Boulder Winter Special

    Glorious Gift for Winter!
    Even Grandma’s in Awe… She knows what little Jimmy’s getting.

    Black Friday WINTER SPECIAL

    We know you’ve never found such an amazing special.
    We’re opening our doors Friday at 8AM
    and providing coffee and donuts for you!

    3 Month Membership
    + Climbing Shoes
    + Wonder Warmers
    = GLORIOUS for $179

    $179 for $378 worth of goodies!

    AND, to add to the amazingness that is Black Friday, our retail store is offering
    Buy One, Get One ½OFF on anything of equal or lesser value.

    * First 50 individuals at the door get the deal for $179,
    51-100 get the deal at $189,
    101-150 get it at $199,
    and everybody else can get it through Sunday for $225!
    This deal is only redeemable in-house,
    but stay tuned for our Cyber Monday Deal.
    Easy, right?

    EFT Subscribers are ineligible for this deal. Sorry.
    For all the terms listed above, see the agreement.
    For any other questions, visit Brooklyn Boulders.

  • Small Biz Sat

    Alrighty, it’s that time of year… the time when you run to the stores like a crazy person and buy things in abondance. Sure on Friday you could go to a big box stores like Macy’s or Target and grab a bunch of crap, but you know your gluttonous behavior from the previous day will make moving around almost impossible. Why not just wait till Saturday to roll off the coach to do your shopping? let your body digest for 24hrs and then hit the after Thanksgiving SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY sales!!!

    Why? Because small businesses kickass! that’s why!

    But where do you go in the neighborhood to get the coolest items?

    Well, here’s GYFO’s top 5 places in & around Gowanus to shop on SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY:

    1) Cog & Pearl

    190 Fifth Ave  Brooklyn, NY 11217

    Located in Park Slope on 5th Avenue, this place has shiny things like jewelry and Lumens, which are these acid-etched stainless steel oil lamps that throw shadows on the wall like magic. They also have: cufflinks, wallets, terrariums, watches, shirts, ties, books, and other great gift items!  

    2) By Brooklyn

    261 Smith Street  Brooklyn, NY 11231

    Now you might think we are obsessed with this place because it follows the ’3 B’ rule: ‘Buy Local, Buy Brooklyn, Be Badass!’ And you’re totally right…we are a little obsessed with this place! but come on they have all things Brooklyn including: Brooklyn Chocolate, Brooklyn T-shirts, Brooklyn Pickles (Gowanus’s own Brooklyn Brine), Brooklyn hang bags, Brooklyn terrariums (Gowanus’s own Twig Terrarium), wallets, art, stuff to read, housewares, and so so so much more!

    3) 718 Cyclery

    254 3rd Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11215

    New to Gowanus, this place has all the best gifts for that biking friend of yours that refuses to use mass transit. This shop has of course bikes; some ready to roll, some ready to be put together, and some ready to be tweaked to perfection. This is a mix & match sort of place for bike enthusiast. You can grab your friend a bike pump, helmet, bike bag, lock, or possible a gift card cause you know your friend is so particular when it comes to their two wheel steed. You can also get the bike you always wanted too!

    4) Brooklyn Victory Garden

    920 Fulton St., Brooklyn, NY 11238

    Located in Clinton Hill, this place is like a general store done Brooklyn style. They have a meat & cheese counter that has tastiness beyond your wildest dreams. We have actually gorged ourselves on cheese while in the store and yet still, in the same moment, purchased more cheese. They also have other stuff like: art, cookies, jam, pickles, holiday cards, Egg Nog, Goat milk, and more! The edible delights they have here will make your taste buds go insane!

    5)  Film Biz Recycling

    540 President Street  Brooklyn, NY 11215

    What good can’t be said about this place? It has furniture, props, knicknacks, and art from movies and theatrical productions. You can get everything to fill you apartment in one single visit. You can grab: chairs, sofas, bookshelves, kitchenware, paintings, books, and more! The cool part is that whatever you buy is already more famous than you’ll ever be. Who would of thought that you’d end up being envious of your coffee table because some A list celebrity put their drink on it. Just awesome!


    Go forth and buy from the little guy!




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