• We All Deserve To Shuffle

    Let’s just preface things with, it was only the middle of the week and the stressiness from work really was taking a toll on us. We couldn’t sleep well, we were so tense, and we pretty much lived with a grumpiness plastered on our face.

    Well, luckily, we got to pop into the ‘soft’ opening of the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club… And let us tell you, we feel so relaxed and chill! So, strew it all, we don’t need to ever get near anything stressful like work again! All we want to do is just grab a sweet cocktail and slide of biscuits (the puck thingies) across an supersmooth shuffleboard. Really, we think that doctors should recommend this activity for anyone who exhibits any signs of grumpousness or mean face. We really feel like we had some type of perfect massage. We truly can’t explain the just chillness we feel, but we can offer a few visual aids. So, here it is the inside of a complete, sexy looking, mood lit Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club.

    First up… the really cool center main bar…

    Here’s a pan view of a majority of the space.
    Shufflers chatting on the courts…


    The night’s Cocktail list, which apparently are names of legendary shufflers…


    To the right are these VIP feeling cabanas where you can just sit back and watch all the chillness in the room…

    Here’s a shot of the Eastern set of courts…

    Some nice things on tap as one can see…

    This is the first of many cocktails, which made the evening even more magical…

    Here’s another cocktail with a shot of the bartender, who clearly had the best shirt in the history of ever!…

    A closer shot of one of the pretty cocktails…

    This shot’s blurry cause of the pretty cocktails, but we think it is trying to display the flags from all the past/present shuffleboard leagues around the U.S….

    There’s this wall of old timey photos tucked away in the corner that are pretty neat…

    We are not sure of the phrase “Keep your pigeons off the fences”. Is it like a motivational phrase or like something that we shouldn’t do? Either way, we choose to use it as an empowerment… Yes, we will KEEP our PIGEONS OFF THE FENCE!…


    Some lovely people that we played a game with…
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  • Indoor Tennis Courts Coming to Gowanus in 2014


    524 Baltic Street in June 2011, via Google Maps Street View.

    524 Baltic Street in June 2011, via Google Maps Street View.

    DNAinfo is reporting that a 15,000 square-foot indoor tennis facility is coming to the one-story structure at 524 Baltic St., between Third Avenue and Nevins Street in Gowanus. Anthony Evrard, a Belgian partner in the project “with a tennis background,” says the facility will open in May 2014. All of the courts will be indoor when the center opens, although rooftop courts are not out of the questions for the future.

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  • Kicking it up a Notch w/ The Royal Palms Shuffleboard

    Just over a month ago the Royal Palms Shuffleboard owner’s Ashley and Jonathan took to kickstarter to ask for funding for the actual shuffleboards at their venue. Well, it took about 5 seconds for people to crowd fund the hell out of that goal. So, Ashley and Jonathan up the goal of their kickstarter to include the funding for Cabanas at Gowanus’s first sports venue. They super up the anti too for those that want to donate. You now get freakin beer if you throw in some cash. (You can check the kickstart page here!)

    We took a moment to talk to the J-man (Jonathan) about what the hell’s going on with the success of the kickstarter, building a venue in Gowanus, more details on the interior of the Royal Palms, as well as other shenanigans…

    It only took a few days to reach the first kickstarter goal, why do you think you were so successful so fast?

    Think it got funded so fast for a few reasons…mostly we’ve met a ton of great people over the last two years that have been so excited and supportive in so many different ways. These are incredibly generous people with their time, ideas, advice, money, connections; they’re the ones who have helped make this dream a reality-now that’s we’re so close they’ve really stepped up to get us the rest of the way there.


    With the money from kickstarter are the courts really fully funded or is it like just the wood or the frame… do they need painted too or something?

    The kickstarter money is going into building these courts themselves we’re about to publish our stretch goal which will be to help builld the cabanas.
    These are super special banquets at the back of each court-a really special design feature of the club. Hopefully people can continue to support the kickstarter campaign and make these cabanas a reality.

    Is there something else you want to keep offering… maybe the league membership?

    We’ll continue to offer all the rewards we’ve been offering, especially the league! We can’t wait to fill this up and crown Brooklyn’s first shuffleboard champion.

    We’ve seen a bit of the designs, but what about the stuff around the courts? Where do the ‘watchers’ hang?

    There’s tons of room around the courts to hang out drink a few cocktails, and watch the action. There’s also a nice sized stage area for live music and plenty of room around the food truck area to grab a bite and relax.


    It’s been a while since you started this project? What have you both learned from building a new place in Gowanus, Brooklyn?

    I don’t know where to start on the lessons we’ve learned, but maybe i’ll just say that the process is as difficult and fun as anything we’ve ever done. This community has been so inspiring and wonderful in so many different ways. There would be no Royal Palms without Gowanus – it couldn’t have happened anywhere else.

    Finally, can we still wear shorts if you open during the winter…?

    You can DEFINITELY wear shorts to the opening. It will be in the 80′s and beautiful all year long at the royal palms – a little bit of florida right around the corner in brooklyn.

    Bonus Question:

    Is the an official Royal Palm Tattoo being offered? 

    There isn’t an official royal palms tattoo and we haven’t discussed it yet, but if someone wants to get some work done. We think our friends at Triple Diamond are clearly the right Gowanus people to do it.

    rp2Go to the kickstart page and kick in. Be apart of the Shuffleboard Movement!


  • Gowanus Dredgers Canoe Club Now Has Brethren in Brooklyn’s Other Superfund Canal, Newtown Creek


    The Gowanus Dredgers are no longer the only boating club to take advantage of New York City’s long-neglected waterways: Newtown Creek — which separates Greenpoint and Bushwick in North Brooklyn from Long Island City and Maspeth in Queens — now has a group of enthusiastic boaters called the North Brooklyn Boat Club. The New York Times has a detailed expose, including interviews with the club’s members. Quote:

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  • The Bike Maker

    Ezra Caldwell of Fast Boy Cycles fabricates two wheel transports that are pristine pieces of functional art. Growing up in a wood shop and later studying dance, Ezra has had a very interesting and unique life. In 2008, he was diagnosed with cancer and instead of allowing cancer to define him, he  added photography to his many talents. His self-portraits capture a man battered in a fight with illness, but not beaten.

    Made by Hand / No 5 The Bike Maker from Made by Hand on Vimeo.

    more Made By Hand here!

  • Horse Cycles: Made in Brooklyn

    The Brooklyn name is a thing now… like a label that means ‘made with love’. For the longest time we thought that ‘Made in Brooklyn’ was such a powerful statement because we lived here and thus only something related to our egos. But it turns out Brooklyn means something everywhere. We don’t have data on this, just our own wonderings to other places. When elsewhere people have said ‘look this is made in Brooklyn…cool’. It turns out that the term ‘Made in Brooklyn’ means what ‘Made in USA’ use to mean; it’s quality, integrity, and frankly any cerebral sounding word that mean awesome!
    We discovered this great kickstarted from Horse Cycles. They make bikes right here in Brooklyn. Their line called Urban Tour is looking for a little support via the kick . You should know that their bikes proudly state the name of where they were made: “Brooklyn, NY”!

    Give them a kick here.

    and get your own Ubran Tour bike at: www.Urban-Tour.com

    Check out more pics of Horse Cycles powerful steed the Urban Tour bike…





  • Shuffleboard Debate Ends

    After coming up with a new (old timey) venue concept, trying to find common ground with opposing neighbors, pulling and resubmitting an application for a liquor license, and waiting through another really really long Community Board Six (CB6) meeting, the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Parlor has been approved for a liquor license. At last nights meetings there were lots of people who waiting around through other venues’ liquor license applications to see the finale of the Shuffleboard liquor license debate. Ashley and Jonathan, owners of the Royal Palms Shuffleboard Parlor, resubmitted their case for their venue with another presentation that included: all the compromises they had made to appease neighbors who lived across the street (Union Organize), a whole lot of names on a petition in support of the venue, letters of recommendation, a smarty pants lawyer to provide legal advice, and actual local people who were able to voice their support. One of those supporter was a well-known eco-business owner, Eva Radke owner of Film Biz Recycling who stated at last night meeting:

    “Community is important to the ethos that we do…. When I first heard about [the shuffleboard venue] I got very upset, upset that I didn’t think of it first”

    Of course Eva and other locals went on to talk about how the venue would help the community, would be a great place for local families, and that Shuffleboard is a really fun game that they all wished to play.

    The Royal Palms had lots of concessions they had made that included: no roof access, no people being out front smoking or waiting to get into the venue, smart security, food trucks (also not out front of the venue, but rather inside the venue), and closing on weekdays at 12:15a and weekends 2:15am. The closing early concession is one of the biggest because most, if not all local bars stay open till at least 2am or 4am. This includes Canal Bar just around the corning, which stays open every night till 4am.

    The board voted 9 to 6 to approve the liquor license for the venue with a last call a half hour before closing.

    And with that the debate ended. A venue that has been misrepresented by some of the media as a boozey Williamsburgesque night club has finally been able to convince a majority that Shuffling will be something fun and wholesome for the Gowanus and Community Board Six area.

    “I want to go have a drink and learn how to play shuffleboard!”

    Even Union Organized, a group that had been admittedly opposed to the Royal Palms, had members shaking hands with Ashley and Jonathan last night and were overheard saying:

    “they had tried to meet lots of demands… and… the process works!”

    Although this statement may not represent all those who have been in opposition of the venue.

    Ashley and Jonathan of the Royal Palms were extremely happy with the result. Jonathan looked visibly exhausted from all the stress and really was just happy for the debate to be over. Ashley took a moment to respond to us about how they were felling:

    “We are just so thrilled with the outcome. I feel like the system came through for everyone involved. We’re happy, the neighbors are happy, the committee is happy. We had an opportunity to meet so many more people in the community than we would have had we not had to go through this process and we’re better off because of it,”

    We agree with Ashley! And although this kind of community outreach done before a venue opens is unheard of according to some CB6 board members, the connection with locals will help bring business and maintain the focus for the venue, which is to be a friendly fun place to play shuffleboard.

    Frankly we wish we could go play Shuffleboard right now! Like right freaking now!

    Cause everyone’s gonna be Shuffling…


    Bonus Your Face Off
    The Royal Palms not only will have actually Shuffleboard courts, but Shuffleboard table top games too. Check out this super long Shuffleboard table from their Facebook page:



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