• Google Maps Street View Car Spotted in Gowanus!

    Google Street View Car


    Spotted in Gowanus: a multi-camera car donning Google Maps Street View decals! Although we know these cars exist no one ever seems to spot them, gliding through America’s urban landscapes unseen like a rare breed of wild animal. Finally seeing one was mildly exciting in a very nerdy way.

    This particular spotting was especially notable for one reason: the car was pulling out of the 1st Street alleyway between Bond Street and the Canal, meaning that the next iteration of Street View will still show the squat warehouses that are there now, not the 700-unit monstrosity that is soon to come. The current Street View image captures were taken in June of 2011. Not sure how long it’ll take Google to process the most recent round of photographs before posting.

    I’m still kicking myself for wasting a perfectly good opportunity to strike an obscene or otherwise hilarious pose as the car went by… instead, you get our hack journalism.

  • Spiderman In Gowanus, Brooklyn

    Spiderman…Spiderman… friendly hanging out in Gowanus Spiderman…

    In the upcoming issues of a Spiderman comic, loner Spiderman aka Peter Parker, webs his way down from Queens and at some point in his adventurous NYC history joined the Brooklyn Avengers. The BKAve (we just made that term up) have(had?) members that includ: Mints, an older lady who could turn candy into weapons; Rotary, a guy who could just magically spin people around, and also Hypst’r (no not that jerk on the bike who cut you off in the crosswalk after coming to Gowanus from Williamsburg with his stupid shorty shorts!) a dude who hypnotises people.

    Here’s a piece from Brooklyn Independent Television getting the scoop from creator Stuart Moore and Damion Scott who happen to be hanging out at Root Hill Cafe explaining the new comics, which apparently includes a scene on the Carroll Street Bridge. Totally bitchen!

  • Birds Eye View From A Giant Red Balloon

    So last weekend you were probably bee boppin around Gowanus and might have seen a big red balloon floating in the sky near the Canal. As usual whenever you see a big red balloon you thought two things:

    1) 99 Luftballons (99 Red Balloons) – the song by that band you can never remember the name of!


    2) Le ballon rouge (The Red Ballon) – the 1956 movie by Albert Lamorisse that you fell asleep watching in film class and failed to ever watch all the way through, even though it’s only like 30+ minutes long.

    Neither of which have anything to do with the balloon you saw in the sky.

    The floating red balloon you possible saw is for an ongoing mapping project being conducted by the Public Laboratory, local residents, and the Gowanus Canal Conservancy’s Low Altitude Mapping Program with the help of Gowanus Dredger’s canoes…aka a whole lot of Gowanus nerds! The data is being collected by all these sciency types for a Proteus Gowanus Over My Dead Body Expedition map and the Conservancy’s Gowanus ReLeaf Expedition aerial review. The team used a Red Balloon from Grassroots Mapping filled helium donated by Liberty Industrial Gases.

    The Googlesque images taken shows the here and now of Gowanus, Brooklyn from above!

    Check out a few of these aerial shots that show Thomas Greene Park Pool, Bayside Fuel Depot, the Canal, Bond St, President St, the controversial Royal Palms Shuffleboard rooftop, and a few of balloonist enjoying themselves.

    (images provided by Eymund Diegel)

    In addition to the fun shots above another round of photographs, found here , were specifically taken for the Gowanus Canal Conservancy to show Canal edge vegetation, new plantings, and street end sites that local residents would like converted to parks. The images also show the greenery the Conservancy has added near the Gowanus Canal and their outdoor office known as the Salt Lot. It probably shows other sciency stuff too like water levels and icky things like pollution.

    Also, a group of photos for Proteus Gowanus were taken in the search for one of Gowanus’s biggest secrets. Supposedly hiding under a large slap of concrete maybe 250 plus dead bodies! The bodies are possible of a Maryland Regiment killed in the first battle of the American Revolutionary War, the 1776 Battle for Brooklyn aka the Battle for Long Island. The image shows 8th Street and 3rd Avenue from above. In it you see someone laying on the ground for scale and a large amount of concrete that has what appears to be cracks making patterns. The theory, listed  under one of the images on Proteus Gowanus’s flickr page, is that if there is a mass grave…

    expansion cracks in the concrete would run north south, contrary to the logical northeast to southeast layout of the lot and steel reinforcing grid’s expansion joints.”

    The images alludes to such cracks and truly might be the final resting place for America’s first soldiers to be lost in battle. Further studies of the images and from other historical documents may force the excavation of this particular lot in Gowanus in the future.

    The mapping program is ongoing and previous birds eye view photos are available on the Proteus Gowanus flickrGowanus Canal Conservancy’s flickr pages and Mapknitter.org.

  • Gowanus Spaceman

    Here in Gowanus, Ted Southern, an artist  & designer, and Nikolay Moiseev, a Russian mechanical engineer, play with odd looking plastic suits. The funky plastic duds aren’t  for scuba-ing in the Gowanus Canal, but for playing in the great beyond…space. Together Ted and Nikolay are Final Frontier Design a startup company that hopes to make the spacesuit for the new commercial (private) space program. They have a ridiculously cute Kickstarter in which they explain their plans to make the next futuristic apparel for those leaving earth. Check it out:

    Wired Magazine has the full story on their plans here.

  • Eco-Expo & Mixer

    Film Biz Recycling is having one of those ‘industry’ type events with a green twist. On May 19th, Film Biz will be holding its first Eco-Expo & Mixer for those who are on the production side of the entertainment industry. The event will have a whole host of green presenters that include:

    Canal Creatures

    A sustainable production services company with the resources and connections, earned through 15 years of hands-on experience, to create the most time-efficient, cost-effective and polished films, web promos, and broadcast commercials.

    Green Product Placement

    Green Product Placement is a media product placement company that places and promotes green, sustainable, socially enterprising and/or local entrepreneurial brands in mainstream media, concentrating on television shows, feature films and web media.

    Sip N’ Go

    Make the transition away from bottled water easier on your crew.  Introducing the Sip N’ Go – reusable foldable water bottle for life on the go. Reduces landfill, BPA free, snaps shut and is pocket size when not in use. Smart hydration!


    Vokashi is a simple, easy and odorless way to ensure your food scraps stay out of landfills and get to the place they’re needed most – local farms and gardens.  Vokashi does all the dirty work by delivering the supplies you need and picking up your food waste and delivering back to the earth. Easy. Clean. Sustainable.

    Eco Set

    EcoSet implements environmentally responsible practices into commercial productions, minimizing the impact and recirculating reusable materials back into the local community.  We strive for Zero Waste and are partnering with our clients to set new standards for advertising productions.

    Soda Stream

    Save lots of money, reduce waste and recycing needs, and trips to the beverage wholesale outlet and get the fun and delicious alternative – make your own selzter and soda!  It’s a great savings in all regards and everyone will have a great time with bubbly, morale-boosting deliciousness.  

    Rock and Wrap it Up!

    Productions always have lots of food left over.  Make sure it goes to feed the hungry instead of the garbage to create pollution!  ROCK AND WRAP IT UP! is an antipoverty think tank. Founded in 1991, it was the first charity to address waste in entertainment sectors across North America: music/sports/film. Food prepared but not served was kept out of land-fill and re purposed to feed the hungry.

    Abby Kaish is the North American Director for Sports and Film recovery efforts.

    Plus, a who lot more!

    The event is meant to cultivate the re-use of materials and recycling of materials used in the entertainment industry.


    Get more details and RSVP for the event here.



  • Free the Network: Documentary about DIY-Internet

    We just got out Time Warner bill and it looks like our internet is going to go up…damn it! Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to pay for the web considering it is not just a recreational play thing anymore, it’s the way we all participate in society and commerce?!

    Well a few smarty pants amongst the Occupy Wall Streeters created a mobile network that provides free access to the World Wide Web. Motherboard documents these rebels who have DIY’d their way onto the internets in a piece called Free the Network.

  • Gowanus Canal Mascot

    The New York Post reports that the Gowanus Community Advisory Group (those peeps that monitor the EPA Superfunded progress on the Canal) are looking to get a mascot for the Gowanus Canal during its cleanup process. The Post talks with Eymund Diegel about why a mascot is necessary and uses illustrator Leah Tiscione to create visuals for three of four mascot candidates. Check it out here.

    Although it seems like the group has already decided on a direction for the mascot we think we have a few that should be considers:

    First up… one we all know, love, and already is visually attached to the Superfunded Canal the Tonkey Octopus. The design first appeared in Gowanus in September of 2008 and has gone through at least one change over the years. (We have not checked recently to see if the design is still there)…

    Next up… is Pete who is pretty much already the mascot for the Canal. The superhero character is from Power Play a comic by Kurt Christenson and Reilly Brown. Just look at him… he screams mascot! Can’t you see someone dressing up as this guy and scaring the crap out of children…

    We are so impressed with this next one…

    Queens born, Brooklyn resident, Erin Gallagher made this Blinky (from the Simpson) like three eyed fish for a kick as T-shirt. We really think this is the best representation of what’s happening in the Canal and speaks loudly how important the cleanup of the Canal is…

    We think something that is not waterbond might be good too. So, we propose having the Giant Gnome as an option. Very little is known about the Gnome, but we can guess he is super sized because of the Superfunded Canal.

    Finally, the Gowanus Community Advisory Group has Sludgie, the dolphin that died while swimming into Canal, already on the list, but we decided to include our own illustration anyways…

  • Bat Car Vs. Bat Car

    Well this is a nerd off if we’ve ever seen one.
    It’s Adam West‘s movie batcar vs. Michael Keaton‘s batcar.

    If this was a battle between West v. Keeton we all know that Adam would smoke Keaton in hand to hand combat and in brilliant retorts! (No offence Michael, but your movie on had the Shiny’ version of the joker.




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