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  • We just sonic’d ourselves: The Doctor Who new season party in Gowanus @Bellhouse

    Dum de dum, dum de dum, dum de dum de dum dum…

    If you were not aware the new series of Doctor-freaking-Who will be at Bellhouse Tuesday, April 19th, 2011. It’s okay to freak out. We all will be wearing bow ties and professor jackets to the event. Bring your own sonic screwdriver!



    Come be among the first in Brooklyn to see the first two episodes of the new season of Doctor Who!

    Put on your best bow tie, grab your sonic screwdriver and head over to The Bell House on Tuesday, April 19th – BBC AMERICA and Secret Formula are bringing you a first look at the new season of Doctor Who. It’s the Doctor Who New Season Premiere Party! Why wait until Saturday, April 23rd for the official TV premiere on BBC AMERICA when you can join all of your friends and fellow Doctor Who fans for a party that will be remembered throughout time and space! We’re going way beyond just showing you the 2-part premiere episodes – we’re turning The Bell House into the inside of the TARDIS and there will be plenty of games, contests, food and fun to be had including…

    • The Brooklyn premiere of the first and second episodes of the new season
    • Doctor Who Trivia Competition
    • Character Impersonation Contest and Villain-Off
    • Costume Contest
    • Time Travel Lecturer
    • Doctor Who-based sketch comedy and stand-up from Upright Citizen’s Brigade members
    • Spin the time travel wheel for a chance to win prizes and free drinks
    • Prizes from The Bell House and BBC AMERICA including DVD’s, Doctor Who merch and more!
    • Themed drinks like the 11th Doctor, Love is a Ginger, The Pandorica, Fish &

    Custard and more!

    • A delicious selection of English foods served by Brooklyn’s ChipShop


  • Gowanus Studio Space Print Residency Applications Due April 18th

    It looks like a workshop for designers and other creatives, but it is so much more…

    Gowanus Studio Space provides a space for artist to explore their fields and be a part of an art community. They offer wood working & screen printing equipment, gallery space, financial support for big ideas, and encourage collaberation with other artist. They are a part of New York Foundation for the Arts’ Emerging Organization Fiscal Sponsorship Program, which offers organizing and financial consulting for non-profit organization in the New York area.

    Right now the Gowanus Studio Space is looking for an a Printshop Artist-in-Residence.

    The GSS Printmaking Residency Program offers three artists six months of free, unlimited access to the GSS print shop, which is equipped with intaglio, lithography and silkscreen facilities.  The residency culminates in a print exhibition co-curated by Print Residents and GSS Directors. The exhibition shows Residents’ newly produced works, and work from a greater network of printmakers and GSS studio members.

    If it sounds to go to be true, it’s not. GYFO thinks you’d go great with the cool cats over of Gowanus Studio Space. Grab and application and don’t just say you’re a “creative”, be one! But hurry…applications are due April 18th, 2011


    More on GSS here:


  • New Understanding from Gowanus

    A Gowanus based group called NewUnderstanding wants to make you aware of ways you can be “well” in your everyday life. They want to bring health and happiness to you through the interenets’ and in person. In their online show they test the various practices used by people to have a healthier life.

    In this weeks video, the team talks about their upcoming wellness fair, happening this May, and a member of their team, Heather, takes a trip to the American Natural History Museum to see the Tibetan Medical Exhibit (starts at 1:23)

    Wellness fair info…
    MAY 14TH 10AM-5PM
    540 President St, btw 3/4 aves1/2 block from R train @Union

    More information head over to:

  • Walk Around Gowanus – Bloggers Take A Stroll

    Yesterday and the day before a few bloggers wondered around the Gowanus neighborhood. We’d like to highlight these postings as way of showing artistic works and as a way of mapping the various view points of those who are native, those who are visit, and of those who are new residents. Continuing My Walk Along the Gowanus Canal - The second posting by photographer Robert Anthony DeRosa from a walk along the Canal; includes a talk of History and Perspective. 9 miles – New to New York, Adrian and Rachel wonder through parts of New York City, including the Gowanus. A Walk through Gowanus – Brooklynite, JoAnne Ruggeri, does photo series using TtV and Hipstamatic of a walk through Gowanus, Park Slope, to Columbia Street.

  • Forgotten in “Happening” – ART + ARCHITECTURE SHOW OPENS TODAY!!!

    We totally forgot to but this on the “happening” list. It was something really cool that should have been on there.

    Art + Architecture 2011 at the Gowanus Ballroom
    55 9th Street Building 61, Brooklyn, NY 11215
    April 8th – April 17th
    Opens Friday, April 8th, 6pm

    Art + Architecture 2011, a diverse and multidisciplinary exhibition of emerging artists, is comprised of works that examine, question, or outright challenge everyday interpersonal and contextual relationships.

    Through the integration of a variety of media including painting, sculpture, video, performance and works on paper, the installation weaves a wide ranging fabric of form and style, which envelops the immense Gowanus Ballroom and transforms the space into a thoroughly interactive experience. This affords both artist and audience a chance to dismantle and construct anew one’s perceived environment. By alternately reinforcing and undermining the suppositions defining social and physical arrangements, the exhibition implores participants to reexamine the boundaries delineating self.

    Art + Architecture is being presented in collaboration with Mister ArtSee.

    Featuring: Adriana Atema, Aimee Bonamie, Amy Consolo, Ben Wolf, Brian Whiteley, Christina Kelly, Domestic Construction, Douglas Draper, Emma Stern, Felix morelo, Georgie Flores, Gerri Davis, Heidi Tullman, Jason Gandy, Kristin Künc, Lopi LaRoe, Matt Allison, Matthew Silver aka Heartpocalypse, Matt Stolle, Matthew William Robinson, Nathan Maxwell Cann, Patricia Watwood, Rob Zeller, the Objectionists, Serra Victoria Bothwell Fels, Shannon Gillen & Guests, Tod Seelie, Ursula Viglietta, Vanessa Cronan, and a still growing list others. Please check our featured artists page to learn more about our artists.

    There will be live music, performances and a cash bar Friday and Saturday nights.

    Performers Include: Shannon Gillen & Guests, Yula & The Extended Family, Apocalypse Five and Dime, Joe Keady and The Royal Garden Jass Band, Crooks and Perverts, Melody Allegra Berger, Morgan O’Kane, Sweet Soubrette, Abby Hertz aka Lady C, and others. A performance schedule can be found below, and will be continuously updated.

    more here:



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