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  • Dinosaur Wins the Gowanus BBQ Wars!

    Photo Credit:

    I’ve finally (finally!) had a chance to try out the not-so-new-anymore Dinosaur BBQ outpost in Gowanus, and the verdict is in: Dinosaur wins the Gowanus BBQ wars!

    How Gowanus, of all places, became host to three excellent BBQ joints still remains a mystery; I suppose it’s a confluence of the [relatively] cheap rent and available space in the neighborhood with the peaking BBQ trend in NYC. But so it is: Fletcher’s, Fort Reno and Dinosaur all co-exist within a few blocks of each other. What are their strengths and weaknesses? Does one win out overall?

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  • How to Say ‘Merry Christmas’ in 24 Languages

  • Demolition Crew Breaks Water Main at Future Lightstone Group Gowanus Site


    A demolition crew tearing down 365 Bond Street between 1st and 2nd Streets to make way for the Lightstone Group’s new residential development broke through a water main earlier today. Water has filled up the entire southwest end of the site and is flowing quickly down 2nd Street and into the Gowanus Canal, bringing who-knows-what from the demolition site with them. The entire east end of the 2nd Street alley is flooded as well.

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  • The Twitterverse Reacts to the Grand Opening of Whole Foods in Brooklyn

    A record store???

    Opinions. Everyone’s got ‘em! Especially in Brooklyn, where today’s grand opening of the borough’s first Whole Foods supermarket has sparked a media frenzy. Let’s take a look at what people are saying about the newest Whole Foods location throughout the Twitterverse. There are some real gems in here, as you might expect!

    Be sure to check out our photos of the grand opening from earlier today if you haven’t seen them yet.

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  • Photos: The Whole Foods Brooklyn Grand Opening!


    About 200 people gathered outside the entrance of the brand new Whole Foods in Gowanus this morning for the grand opening of the chain’s long-awaited arrival in Brooklyn. Complimentary coffee, apple cider, fruit and Kind Bars greeted the cold masses as Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz gave a speech and broke bread (challah, naturally, shared with anyone who wanted a piece) to officially open the store before the throngs rushed in at 9am. Free Whole Foods canvas tote bags were given to the first 250 people through the door.

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  • Damage to the Coignet Building?

    Today marks the official opening of the Whole Foods in Brooklyn. Some are saying the new store  ”Symbolizes Area’s Redevelopment”, while others are calling its the ‘end of Gowanus’. Either way the store is up and opening.

    One of the main concerns of having a mega store being built on the Whole Foods lot at 3rd Ave and 3rd Street has been whether or not the landmarked Coignet Stone Company Building right on the corner is adequately protected. One of the rules giving to Whole Foods is that they have to preserve and repair the building. Clearly the repair part of the agreement was/is not slated till after the store has opened. We can understand that a focus by a big company might be on launching their new place and not the complex repair of an old, somewhat forgotten building.


    Last night we received a tip from a GYFO reader indicating that some of the facade of the building had fallen off! They say:

    …a big part of the side of the staircase has crumbled overnight. It was not this way yesterday…and that whole front piece is missing.


    In the picture they sent in the concrete that wrapped around the front part of the staircase is just simply gone.


    top image sent in by L. Mariano taken by Martin Bisi


    -We went by and took another photo to clarify the damage. -

    More concerning is that according to the tipster the missing pieces are nowhere to be found and that they believe this most likely happened…

    cause the staircase was behind fencing through yesterday, and it was removed sloppily

    We wondered over after the sun came up and found tones of items lying right next to the Coignet Stone Company Building. Some of these items looked to be hastily placed (thrown) within the footprint of the history structure.


    ~derp! This looks like a great place to throw some wood. Who give a rats ass about hurting the side of the building or the old fencing. (not a real quote)

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  • Kanan Indian Restaurant Coming to Third Avenue in Gowanus

    Kanan Indian Restaurant Kanan Indian Restaurant

    Indian food is coming to Gowanus: construction for the Kanan Indian Restaurant at 452 Third Ave. between 8th and 9th Streets looks to be nearly complete.

    The restaurant will be a family-owned establishment that sees Samar Singha partnering with his son Sushan on the venture with Samar’s wife contributing in the kitchen as well. Samar was previously a minority partner in two locations of the Kinara Indian Restaurant, one at 368 Myrtle Ave in Fort Greene and one at 473 5th Ave in Park Slope, although he is no longer involved with either. The new restaurant will be entirely his own operation, together with his son.

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  • (Last Minute!) Holiday Happy Hour Sale!

    OMG! You totally didn’t get any shopping done! You’re screwed… Grandma will totally disown you cause all you can do is get her a crappy gift from a gas station.


    you could drop by the Holiday Happy Hour Sale over at Halyards on December 22nd, 2013 from 11am to 7pm.

    Check out the details:

    Attention all holiday shopping procrastinators (and those of you who just like to day drink on Sunday).  On December 22nd from 11am-7pm, a bevy of Brooklyn based female designers and artists will be offering the answer to your holiday shopping woes.  Hosting their first ever (Last Minute) Holiday Happy Hour Sale at Halyards Bar in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

    Featured artists include: Knit’s from A Brooklyn Heart and Blackboards fromSignificant Others by Audrey Manning, Brigid C Scruggs Photography Fine Art and Prints, Scarves from Heather Rose Studio, Clothing from Various Love Affair by Anjia Jalac, Tapestries, Beer Koozies, Dream Catchers and more from Jessi HighetPress Vintage by Emma BracyJewelry from Brooklyn Heavy Metal by Abbi Stern, Cheek-ie by Angela Barrow, M.. by Maggie Semrau, Owl&Bone by Erin Molitor, K. Fagan and skincare from Enid B. by Kareen Fagan.

    Halyards, was opened by owner Edward Colley who has converted a number of warehouses into artists studio’s in the Gowanus area.  The bar is a hotspot for many local designers, artists and musicians to grab a drink on their way home from their studios.  So what better Bar than Halyards to introduce you to a mixed brew of amazing artists! Half priced beer and wine for the duration of the sale will help you entirely forget the holiday shopping madness of Houston and Broadway.

    406 3rd Ave,
    Brooklyn, NY 11215

  • Residential Building at 123 Third Street Has Been Demolished

    123 Third Street 123 Third Street123 Third Street 123 Third Street

    The dilapidated three-family residential building at 123 Third Street, between Bond Street and Third Avenue, was demolished over the course of the past two weeks. The building had been in horrible condition for years with siding panels falling off and cracks running down the facade, and had been boarded up for months. Local sources claim a squatter who had been occupying the building had to be vacated before its demolition. You’ve probably passed this building a hundred times without paying much attention to it; it’s next to the Fumi hair salon on the corner of Bond and Third Streets.

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  • The Gowanus Flushing Tunnel Repairs are Nearly Complete, Testing to Start Soon

    Gowanus Flushing Tunnel

    The Gowanus Canal Flushing Tunnel — an underground connection designed to bring fresh, oxygenated water from the East River into the head of the oxygen-poor Gowanus Canal — is finally getting ready to come back online after years of repairs and setbacks. According to Gary Kline of New York State’s Department Of Environmental Conservation, the “City will start the initial pump test of the Flushing Tunnel in the next 2-3 weeks.” The repairs, which cost the city $190 million, have been underway since 2009. The temporary oxygenation pump system visible throughout the surface of the canal will be removed this winter.

    For more information on the tunnel’s re-opening, Pardon Me For Asking has the full story.

    For more information on the flushing tunnel and its unique history, check out this article in the New York Times from 2011.

  • Indoor Tennis Courts Coming to Gowanus in 2014


    524 Baltic Street in June 2011, via Google Maps Street View.

    524 Baltic Street in June 2011, via Google Maps Street View.

    DNAinfo is reporting that a 15,000 square-foot indoor tennis facility is coming to the one-story structure at 524 Baltic St., between Third Avenue and Nevins Street in Gowanus. Anthony Evrard, a Belgian partner in the project “with a tennis background,” says the facility will open in May 2014. All of the courts will be indoor when the center opens, although rooftop courts are not out of the questions for the future.

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