• High Canal Water today

    If you have ever traveled over the Canal twice in one day you are well aware that the water level changes greatly from morning to night. The water level variation can be from a few inches to several feet. Even with the jump in water level no one really considers that the Canal can flood. Last night Gowanus Furniture reported on twitter: “That is some HIGH tide in the canal – never seen that. Up in the cables @ Carroll”, with a photo of what seemed to show water in the Carroll Street bridge cable control area. This morning the water is extremely high, but at least is not outsides the Canal banks. If the water follows its’ usual pattern of rising throughout the day, plus the current rain storm, it will surely eclipse the Carroll Street bridge cable control area again and possible spill into the location for the Gowanus Grove (formerly the Brooklyn Yard)

    *it is recommended that people stay clear of the water from the Canal as it has been proven to be toxic to humans by the EPA.

  • The Architect of New Recycling Center (Banks of Gowanus Canal) WSJ Bio Piece

    Yesterday’s the Wall Street Journal online delivered a biographic piece on architect Annabelle Selldorf. The piece indicates her overall style and briefly discusses her next project, the new recycling center on the banks of the Gowanus Canal.

    Read More: Wall Street Journal: The Form Mistress


    To see renderings of what the facility might look like head over to ArchDaily.com

  • Show me the Bird. Feather friend in the Gowanus Canal

    Yesterday, Gowanus Furniture posted, via twitter, an image of white bird with long legs hanging out in the Gowanus. Seems this guy has been around a least a week probably more because we have seen him around and got this photo of him on Tuesday.

    It looks to be some type of Egret, maybe the Ardea modesta (Eastern Great Egret), which are a protected species. We are not bird experts, but would love to know. We are curious if this is an egret, why it seems to have black around it’s eyes. We are very excited to see this guy around, although the Gowanus is not a recommending place for any animal.

    Mr. Egret, please do not eat anything you find in the Canal. It is not good for you. A three legged frog seems interesting, but will no doubt give a toxic tummy ache.

    This should be seen as a positive sign though: one that spring might actually happen at some point and more importantly that the Canal is on the road to recovery and this bird noticed.

    A clean Gowanus is a happy Gowanus!

  • City Address’s Bog of Eternal Stench aka Gowanus Canal

    According to the New York Post the City of New York has hired the Gowanus Canal Conservancy to create a natural form of fabris to address the Gowanus Canal’s odorific problem. The City will be hooking up  the Gowanus Canal Conservancy with a little over half a mill. to start addressing the issue. The report indicates that some kick ass plants will be naturally be dealing with Canal’s 100 year old smell stench.

    Read More at the NYPOST.com Gowanus smell: City hopes to retain water to cure Gowanus smell

    yes this graphic was used in a previous article on the Gowanus Canal Conservancy about the same matter last year. Thanks for noticing.


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