• EPA sneak peeks draft for Canal Clean up

    Park Slope Patch reports that at the recent meeting with Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group the EPA gave a “sneak peek” at the plans for the Gowanus Canal clean up. The Patch reports that the 144 page document indicated that dredging would be used in the clean up on the Canal. This is not an unusual concept considering every group or city entity that has worked on cleaning up the Canal has come up with the same conclusion. –’Dredge the hell out of it and get below the nastiness on top!’ According to the Patch, Christos Tsiamis, the EPA’s Gowanus Canal Project Manager, indicated various locations for pollutions flowing into the Canal, which included: former Manufactured Gas Plants sites, a National Grid site, and the Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) area; Tsiamis explained the various layers of this pollution in the Canal that included massive amounts of, coal-tar, liquid tar, storm drain run off, and sewage run off. The EPA plans to excavate around 500,000 cubic yards of sediment soil from the bottom of the Canal during the dredging process.

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    Read the EPA stuff here: Clean Up


  • Monday’s Rewind: Balloon Into Space

    In August of last year Brooklynites Luke Geissbuhler & his 7-year-old son, Max, did something a bit odd; they launched a balloon into space for an amateur science experiment. The little balloon sported an HD Camera and an iPhone for tracking. The spacecraft went up 19 miles and was captured on video for everyones enjoyment:

    See their website here: www.BrooklynSpaceProgram.com



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