• EPA sneak peeks draft for Canal Clean up

    Park Slope Patch reports that at the recent meeting with Gowanus Canal Community Advisory Group the EPA gave a “sneak peek” at the plans for the Gowanus Canal clean up. The Patch reports that the 144 page document indicated that dredging would be used in the clean up on the Canal. This is not an unusual concept considering every group or city entity that has worked on cleaning up the Canal has come up with the same conclusion. –’Dredge the hell out of it and get below the nastiness on top!’ According to the Patch, Christos Tsiamis, the EPA’s Gowanus Canal Project Manager, indicated various locations for pollutions flowing into the Canal, which included: former Manufactured Gas Plants sites, a National Grid site, and the Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) area; Tsiamis explained the various layers of this pollution in the Canal that included massive amounts of, coal-tar, liquid tar, storm drain run off, and sewage run off. The EPA plans to excavate around 500,000 cubic yards of sediment soil from the bottom of the Canal during the dredging process.

    Read the Patch article here: EPA Gives a Preview of Feasibility Plan to Clean the Gowanus

    Read an article from L Magazine here: Environmental Protection Agency Previews Gowanus Cleanup Plan

    Read the EPA stuff here: Clean Up


  • Crooked Tail Reopens

    For a month now Crooked Tail Cafe has been closed for ‘renovations’ and we have been dying for their sandwiches. Luckily for us it has reopened and all seems well. There are no signs of exactly what the renovations entailed, but we are hoping it had something to do with making bigger Brooklyn Cheesesteaks!

  • Industrial Zoned – Gowanus aka South West Brooklyn

    These signs have been appearing up and down 3rd Avenue indicating an “Industrial Zone”.

    This is from the Mayor’s office of Industrial and Manufacturing Business section or imb.

    The nyc.gov, which is listed on the sign, says imb is…
    “…dedicated to addressing the needs of New York’s industrial and manufacturing businesses.”
    Looks like the city is putting a lot of investment into the booming industry within the Gowanus area by dedicating this part of Brooklyn to Southwest Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation. That seems like good news for the many businesses that have been around for years in the area and for the new textile groups that have recently moved in. The imb site says that these areas of the cities will be used to…

    “…foster high-performing business districts by creating competitive advantages over locating in areas outside of New York City.”

    Within Gowanus the designated Industrial area only covers below 3rd Street and West of 3rd Avenue. The area above 3rd Street are covered by an Ombudsman.
    For more details head over to nyc.gov for more details.

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